A gift from the heart

Conrad Cormier, of Dieppe, says he was born with a sense of comedic timing. Also known as Gaspard, this larger than life gentleman started using his talent to make people laugh at a very young age. In January 2020, however, Mr. Cormier was given news that left him speechless. Struck with stage 4 lung cancer, he began a series of treatments at the Dr-Léon-Richard Oncology Centre, a place that holds a special place in his heart. “Everyone who works there is special”, he told us. “Patients are treated like royalty.”

Mr. Cormier is well-known in the region for his sense of humour; he had even written a series of jokes for the Shediac community radio station, CJSE. Recently, to please his family and friends, this former member of the Dieppe City council held a comedy show, by invitation only, at his city’s Arts and Culture Centre. Since there was no fee to attend the show, he asked the 100 people present if they would consider making a gift for the Oncology Centre. He was stunned by the reaction. “I was hoping to raise $100 or $150, but at the end of the evening, the amount donated was $730!”

Mr. Cormier is extremely grateful for the care he received at the Dumont UHC. “Physicians like Dr. Nicholas Finn, Dr. Renée Parker, Dr. Pierre Verger and Dr. Maryse Williston are specialists, but they are also human beings who care. The hospital is filled with people like them who do what they can for the wellbeing of their patients.”

Conrad Cormier is serene as he faces his future and wants to take advantage of what time he has left to enjoy special moments with his wife, Marie, their daughters and grandchildren. However, he did hint at the possibility of another fundraising initiative for the Oncology Centre, a project he is contemplating with a friend. We sincerely hope his wish will come true!

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