Tree of Hope - Solidarity and Collaboration at the Heart of the Battle

I consider myself a rather positive person. Like most, I know many people who have been touched, one way or another, by cancer, though I learned that living in yourself does not compare. It’s quite the challenge! One that taught and keeps teaching me so much. Personally, two key points stood out to me throughout this journey: the importance of solidarity and of collaboration at every level in the fight against this illness.

Both are front liners in the care I receive. My experience at the Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge was very positive. The family mindset there is key. Meeting people living through situations like yours is very encouraging. On top of the solidarity among patients, I was greatly moved by how the Lodge’s entire team works together to create this warm, human, and welcoming place, even during the pandemic, when feeling secluded was constant.

I also witness this solidarity and this collaboration between the teams of the Dr.-Léon-Richard Oncology Centre and the regional centres. These people truly have the well-being of their patients at heart and are hard at work together to find solutions. The Moncton and the regional teams working together this way allow people like me to limit their travel and to stay with our loved ones; which is crucial as we often feel alone through hard times. We are very fortunate to have such excellent oncology services and care in our province. We have something great and we must hold on to it. Some will surely ask why we still need the Tree of Hope after more than 30 years. Truthfully, it is because the technology, the methods, and the tools keep evolving. We need to stay ahead of new trends concerning oncology treatments and care.

Coming back to solidarity and collaboration, they are also at the core of the Tree of Hope’s campaign. In fact, what is the Tree of Hope? It is the entirety of the province coming together to support a cause. The achievements of this campaign through the years show our true capacities when we come together. The Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge exists because of the tree of Hope, and if Moncton and regional teams can collaborate, it is partially thanks to this campaign, which made it possible to acquire the necessary equipment for such collaboration to occur. The campaign also allows the purchase tools and equipment that help doctors and healthcare professionals work more effectively.

All that said, I hope people will answer the Tree of Hope’s call. No matter the amount, every donation helps. Here’s a finishing thought: Donating not only helps you feel good about doing something nice, but simultaneously helps other. It’s a win-win. Give generously. 

To donate:

1 800-862-6775

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